How to Ensure Getting a Reliable Chimney Sweep


If you’re thinking about hiring a chimney sweep to clean out your beautiful fireplace, flue or chimney, you really should ask yourself a few questions before doing it yourself, or just hiring any Tom, Dick or Harry to do the job. No professional chimney sweep will volunteer to clean out your collection of ashes or clean the visible portions of your fireplace or chimney for free. These kinds of minor tasks are very messy and time-consuming, but if you are an industrious homeowner and believe that you can maybe do just as near well as a professional by yourself, give it a go, but you will need all the right cleaning equipment.

Should you have been burning wood for a number of months, especially oily firewood such as pine, you’ll certainly require an expert chimney sweep to remove the build-up of a natural substance called creosote. Creosote is something which is released when firewood burns and sticks to the inner walls of the flue or chimney. Unlike soot, creosote is not so easily removed with just a wire brush alone, and if the accumulated creosote and soot get hot enough, you may be looking at a chimney fire, and nobody in their right mind appreciates something like that going on! Expert chimney sweeps in West Sussex will be able to deal with this or any other mishaps regarding chimneys, and get any kind of chimney back to a state of perfect working order.

References and Timing

If you’re seeing a reliable and renowned chimney sweep you should ask for the service’s credentials or the sweep’s level of training and skills. All respectable chimney cleaning businesses should be a member of the national standards associations with strict guidelines concerning training and services. Unfortunately, due to the high increase in recent demands for professional chimney cleaning services, there has been a number of dodgy fly-by-night operations. Any expertly trained chimney sweep should be able to do more than just run a wire brush up a chimney several times and say “it’s done.” You should really check online for any reviews and testimonials to help give you peace of mind.

The other concern is availability. A number of customers attempt to hire a chimney sweep during the summer or autumn months in order to prepare the fireplace for the oncoming cold weather. So, get ready and book an appointment ASAP. Any homes with a heavy dependency on wood burning fires can sometimes need up to three or four cleanings during those colder months. So, question them about available times and all should go just well.

A Job Done Perfectly

Any respectable and reliable sweep will use state-of-the-art inspection equipment and cleaning tools, and will never think of using the cleaning session into an arena for suggesting upgrades and general repairs.

Using professionals will definitely make a whole lot of difference and provide you with the peace of mind that you wish for.

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