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    Public Service Projects

  • IN-EDUCATION Projects in Lianshan

    Lianshan Zhuang and Yao Autonomous County is a designated area for poverty alleviation in Guangdong Province. Since its inception, SCPG and the SCPG Public Service Foundation have been helping the Hedong, Sanshui and Shangcao schools in Lianshan for a long time. On October 28, 2018, the SCPG Foundation's team set out again to the designated schools to carry out activities such as granting of teacher awards and student scholarships, special English classes and family visits.
  • Work Summary of SCPG Public Service Foundation

    SCPG has been engaged in charity work for 5 years, fulfilling its responsibilities as a corporate citizen with noteworthy actions. In 2014, the group started to rely on the SCPG Public Service Foundation as the principal organization of its charity projects. It actively encourages the employees to continue participating in more charity activities such as helping poor students and left-behind children.
  • Help Realize Dreams in Lianshan

    As part of the "Help Realize Dreams in Lianshan" project of the SCPG Public Service Foundation, with support and expectation of our colleagues, we set out to Lianshan to help the local teaching force. We finally arrived at Lianshan, the destination of the charity action, after more than six hours' drive. Lianshan is located in the north of Guangdong Province, surrounded by mountains with unique landforms and cold climate. The residents on the town belong to the Han, Yao and Zhuang ethnic groups. They have lived in harmony for hundreds of years, and their lifestyle is very simple.
  • Guchangba Primary School Donation Project

    In 2012, we found Guchangba Primary School, which was just a simple teaching site during our investigation of the "Free Lunch" Project in the Gaofeng Primary School. The teaching site had only one teacher due to the small number of students.
  • "Free Lunch" Project

    On April 2, 2011, Deng Fei and other nearly 500 journalists from dozens of mainstream media in China, together with China Social Welfare Foundation, launched the Free Lunch Fund Public Raising Plan, which proposed to donate RMB 3 to each student per day for provision of free lunch to the poor school children. It was intended to help students who came from impoverished families that was unable to afford the lunch and suffered from malnutrition. They also called for more benevolent enterprises and people to join the activities. The poor kitchen conditions in some poor mountainous schools have been improved with the social donations.
  • Hedong Central Primary School Project

    In June 2010, the foundation organized volunteers to visit the Lianshan Hedong Center Primary School and Lianshan county government. The SCPG Foundation decided to help the school for 3 to 5 years until the software and hardware, and internal and external capability of the school have been upgraded to a level comparable to its peers. The foundation donated desks and chairs and desktop computers to the school and helped it revamp its toilets. The foundation prepared and organized SCPG employees to carry out teaching activities, and invited outstanding teachers and students from the school to attend the company's annual parties.