Why Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Good Choice


You may be surprised to know that around 16,800 residential fires that broke out in the US in the year 2010 were on account of the dryers. 51 people lost their life while 380 people sustained injuries and the property worth $236 million was destroyed!

According to the 1999 USCPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) report on the electric and gas cloth dryers, an electric dryer is two and a half times more prone to fire than a gas dryer. The USCPSC conducted the study on 15,000 cases of fire over a period of one year. The lint that deposited in the vent and on the lint trap of a dryer was responsible for the fire. It is, therefore, pertinent to say that the dryer vent cleaning Chicago is an important service for the people living in the City of Chicago.

However, the million dollar question is how frequently you should go for a dryer vent cleaning Chicago service. Unless you have a clear idea on the same, you can’t really avoid the mishap here. We, therefore, offer you a guideline with a view to preempting the disaster.

When to clean your dryer vent?

There is a lot of probable evidence that indicates about the timing of a dryer cleaning service. Here is a list of such evidence that you should remember with a view to preventing fire at your home or office.

  • When the drying time for the clothes gets longer or the clothes do not dry completely, you can be sure that your dryer needs a cleaning service.
  • If the clothes are coming out hotter than the normal after drying, ask your dryer vent cleaning Chicago partner for an immediate check on the dryer.
  • If the outer wall of your dryer is very hot, it’s a possible indication of the need for a dryer vent cleaning service.
  • Incidents like the outer exhaust vent flap doesn’t open up fully indicate the low velocity of the exhaust due to the lint accumulation. In other words, you dryer needs a cleaning service.
  • If the burnt smell is coming from the laundry room of your dryer or the laundry room wall is too humid than the normal, you should go for a dryer vent cleaning.

You may choose to clean the dryer vent and the lint trap by yourself. Alternatively, you can hire the third party services here. We, however, recommend hiring the third party services if you aren’t sure about the cleaning process here or can’t manage time for the purpose. However, don’t ignore the dryer vent and other area cleaning too long in such a case that would potentially push yourself to the danger of fire.

The good news here is that there is a good number of dryer cleaners in the City of Chicago. But, you have to make a conscious choice on those dryer cleaners. Having said that, we mean, you should at least have the basic idea on the hiring process of a dryer cleaner. For instance, you should check the reputation, pricing, rating, and others of a dryer cleaner at the first place before hiring.

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