Which Countertop is the Best for Your Kitchen


Countertop surfaces are made of many different types of materials. The type of material you choose depends mostly on how much you are willing to invest, and where it will be installed, its resistance to various influences and so on. Capital Stoneworks Ottawa can help you make the right decision. If you have a sizable budget, marble or granite is the best solution in the long run.

Worktops of marble or granite are used for different things in your house, depending on where they are installed. Thus, worktops in the kitchen are used to prepare food, so surfaces made of these materials in the dining room will give you the possibility to use it for many years, while granite and marble pieces in the bathroom serve as a stylish stand for holding different products. The kitchen is a place where you spend a lot of quality time cooking and preparing food. If you use other materials for the countertops, there is a big risk that you might need a replacement in a year or two. Choose quality is a necessity these day regardless of whether people think that it is an expensive investment or not. The important thing is that it will pay off in the long run and you will feel the benefits in the future.

How much do you know about granite and marble?

Granite is a hard, dense type of rock which is created as a result of the enormous heat and high pressure. It is resistant to heat and cannot be easily scratched. In fact, it is almost impossible to scratch it or damage it. When protected in the right way, it is difficult to even have liquid stains. Marble is a metamorphic type of stone and is a bit more expensive compared to granite. The reasons for that are brilliance and an enormous number of colors and patterns. Marble is not as hard as granite and can easily be scratched by sharp objects like a knife. Marble can also be damaged by chemical reactions caused by some liquids such as ketchup and mustard. So, installing marble on your countertop is not really the best possible decision. In this case, granite will do a better job. Marble is a more of a decorative stone and will look great in the bathroom.

If you want to have the same or at least a similar design but you want to use both marble and granite, you can do that and you won’t even notice that you have two different types of stones installed in your home. Also, there are areas and regions in the world that produce unique shades and colors of these types of stones that are specific only to that region.

Granite surfaces come in a number of versions. The best types are polished, brushed and scorched. Marble table tops come in two basic forms. Polished marble work surfaces are wonderful but can easily be damaged in contact with acidic liquids which is why they are rarely used in kitchens. Choose wisely.

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