Choosing the Perfect Summer Bedding


It’s usually not easy for us to sleep properly during summers. Although most of us enjoy the sun shine during the day time as it improves our body and  brightens our day. But during the night time when its hot, it causes discomfort and distrubs our sleeping pattern and sometime we feel less energetic due to not having adequate sleep. We can minimize the impact of weather if we choose appropriate bedding and bed linen that can keep us cool during the long and hot summer nights. Right selection of fabric can regulate our sleeping. We would like to share with you our expert tips that will help you while choosing the right bedding during summers.

Type of fabric during summers:

There are mainly two types of fabrics, Natural and Synthetic. For bedding during the summers, its recommended to choose natural quilt covers. They are made up of natural fibers and comparitively more breathable than synthetic quilt covers. For instance, cotton and linen are natural. Cotton or Linen quilt covers or bed sheets will make you feel fresh throughout the night as their fabrics are light and encourage ventilation. If you want to have comfortable sleep then we recommends natural fibers quilt covers. In addition to cotton and linen, you also have the choice of choosing cotton blends for example, percale, jersey and sateen. These are chosen by most of us during the summers. Another advatange of choosing these fabrics are their durability since laundring is more frequent in summers. Linen sheets are the number one choice for bedding as they are very light but the disadvantage with linen and cotten quilt covers is that they can wrinkle and crinkle easy. That is why our room might not look tidy if we don’t maintain it frequently.

Thread Count and color of bedding during summers

Its a common believe that higher the thread count the more comfortable and lurxurious the sheet will be. But its not actually true. In summers, bed sheets and quilt covers with high thread count can reduce the ventilation and as a result heat gets trapped that makes us feel warmer and uncomfortable. Its adviced to choose thread count from 300 to 400 range.

Along with thread count, colour is also important while choosing sheets and quilt covers. Light coloured sheets and quilt cover sets absorbes less heat from sunlight that pours into your bedroom during the day time. While on the other hand, darker colours preserves the heat all day long. Therefore, choose lighter coulors whether you pick bed sheets, pillow cover cases, super king quilt covers or any fabric for your bedroom if you want a cool, refreshing and comfortable feel in your bed during the night. White and beige colors are on the top list of lighter colours but depending on your choice you can choose any lighter color.

If you are the one who wakes up in the morning and finds the quilt on the floor after a night of uncomfortable sleep. It means the quilt or the fabric of your bed sheet are not appropriate for warmer nights.

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