Choosing Materials for Creating or Repaving Drives


In most big cities in the UK, parking spaces are difficult to find and homes with drives can be rare. If you have a drive or want to make space by turning your front yard into a drive, here are some of the materials from which you can choose.

Block Pavers

A popular choice for many drives is block pavers, of which there are two types: concrete blocks or clay brick. Concrete blocks come in several colours, sizes, and shapes. They can be laid in a variety of patterns, which is one reason why they are so popular.

Since the colour of clay brick is natural, it is less likely to fade than the colour on concrete blocks. Bricks are available in several colours including red, brown, grey, and blue as well as multi-coloured patterns. However, concrete blocks are less expensive than clay bricks.


Often called setts, cobblestones are natural stones that come in a variety of sizes and colours. They are also made from a variety of different rock types. Natural setts are extremely durable and have lasted hundreds of years as city streets. Setts are also made from concrete, which is less durable but less costly.

Resin-Bonded Gravel

If you’re repaving a concrete or asphalt drive, then resin-bonded gravel can be a good choice. Since it is made from natural aggregates, you can choose from a variety of colours, textures, and sizes that will be bonded with a resin coating. The surface is durable, is low-maintenance, and doesn’t get slippery when it rains. Contact a Cannock paving and driveways company for an estimate on repaving your drive with this material.

When you are choosing a material for your drive, consider the type of use that it will get. Selecting the right material will help it age well and prevent unsightly cracks and wear.

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