The Checklist for a Hassle-Free Move


Moving can be a hassle, and it can also be quite expensive. If you’re looking for a new home or a new office, you need to figure out how to move as quickly and easily as possible. It starts with finding a great moving firm to help you accomplish your goals. Then, you need to make sure that you are prepared for a move on the day that you are shifting locations. Preparing for a move involves reducing the amount of things you need to move, boxing and organising them, and then loading them quickly. Here is a checklist to help make your move less stressful and hassle-free.

Call a Moving Company

You need to get in touch with a moving company as quickly as possible. They tend to staff their businesses based on how many orders they have on a given day. So, if you call at the last minute, they might not be able to schedule their very best employees to work for the day. Also, you will sometimes get a much better price from a moving company if you order early. Cambridge movers sometimes offer special rates if you make an appointment months in advance. Making the appointment in advance gives them the opportunity to schedule appropriately. It also enables them to make a budget with greater certainty. Those steps are valuable, so they sometimes reward customers for helping them. Once you’ve called a few months in advance, you need to start preparing to move.

Things That You Are Not Moving

You need to start searching for the things that you are not moving. The items you are not moving can include many different things but they tend to be those things that you throw away or recycle. For instance, you’ll likely want to get rid of anything that is broken or any unnecessary items that do not hold much value. If they are made of metal, you should sell them to a scrapyard instead of throwing them away. You should recycle anything you don’t use very often. If you are not sure how often you use some things, you can sort them into a box or a closet filled with items that you don’t plan to use.

The Things on the Bubble

There are some items that might be on the bubble because you may not know how often you use these things. You should use stickers to determine how often you use something. If you’re not sure how often an item is used, you can put a sticker on it every time you use it to keep track. When you get closer to moving day, you can count how many stickers are on an item to determine if you should take it with you.

The Things You’re Taking

Finally, the things you’re taking should be boxed as quickly as possible. If you can box up your things days or even weeks before you move, you’ll be able to move much more quickly. You won’t have to scramble to get things packed up while you’re moving, and that will save you a lot of stress.

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