Candle Scents to Use for Aromatherapy


Whether used in the bedroom or bathroom, candles are great additions to any romantic or relaxing setting. Therefore, with the right scent, they are effective during aromatherapy. Certain scents can help stimulate you or help you rest peacefully at night. You can buy various scents to use around your house as aromatherapy.

Citrus Scents

When you light lemon, grapefruit, or other citrus scented candles in your house, they help lift moods and relieve anxiety and stress. Citrus scents help invigorate the nervous system, and they produce a clean, uplifting scent. Studies have shown citrus scented candles, specifically lemon scented ones, help people concentrate. They tested people when keyboarding and found those who were using lemon scented candles or essential oils had the fewest mistakes.

Vanilla Scents

If you are want to have a romantic evening with your significant other, choose vanilla scented candles for the table or around the tub. Vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac, so it helps stimulate amorous feelings. Vanilla can be soothing for some people, because it reminds them of their favourite foods or the happy moments of their childhood.

Cinnamon Scents

After a long day at work, lighting a cinnamon scented candle can help invigorate you. It soothes nerves and brings people more awareness, even if they feel exhausted after a long day. Cinnamon candles are usually available in abundance around the Christmas holidays, or you can purchase the essential oils at any time for use in a diffuser.

Lavender Scents

If you have trouble sleeping or need to unwind for the evening, choose a lavender scented candle. Lavender has been used for centuries to help provide stress relief, treat headaches, anxiety, and soothe women during labour. Use a lavender candle while bathing to help you relax before going to bed, so you can sleep better.

Sandalwood Scents

Sandalwood scent is preferable for people who meditate or pray, because it has the ability to help people relax. It can also soothe irritated feelings, calm people, and help lift depression. Many people often associate sandalwood with religious ceremonies, because it is often used during in churches who burn incense.

Aromatherapy Tips

While you use scented luxury candles or essential oil diffusers, allow yourself to relax and take deep breaths. The simple motion of breathing properly allows the scents to enter your nervous system to achieve the desired results.

When you are selecting a candle, choose one made with essential oils for the most effective results during aromatherapy. During aromatherapy, you can use one scent at a time or multiple scents to learn which scents compliment each other and get the outcome you are seeking.

When you use aromatherapy candles for relaxation, do not leave them burning, because you may go to sleep and forget about them. Blow them out before going to bed to ensure that nothing catches fire while you are sleeping. The scent will still linger in the air to help relax your body and soothed you to sleep.


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