What Can Be Thrown Away in a Skip


Whether you are renovating your house or cleaning one out to get it ready for sale, you will need a way to get rid of the waste. Many people hire a skip if they are going to have more garbage than their regular bin can handle. However, before filling it and having it picked up, you need to know exactly what can be put into a skip when you hire one for a project.

Building Materials

If your renovation requires a wall to come down or you are replacing cabinets, you can throw most of the materials into the skip bin. However, asbestos and plasterboard cannot be included in the garbage. If you suspect asbestos is in your home, you will need to hire professionals to have it safely and properly removed.

Household Goods

Some people need to clean out their parents’ homes to get them ready to sale after they have passed away, and a skip hire in Hampshire can be very helpful. While many unwanted or unusable household items can be thrown away, electrical equipment, electronics and some appliances, such as refrigerators and microwaves, should not be put into a skip. These items should be taken to a recycling facility to be properly disposed of.

Garage Refuse

Many people use their garages as storage for their children’s old toys, broken furniture they never got around to fixing, or old car parts. While many items found in a garage can be tossed into a bin, any chemicals, solvents, oils, or tyres cannot be included. There are recycling facilities which will take these items and dispose of them.

Clothing, boxes, old dishes, books, magazines, and the like can be throw into a skip. By knowing what can go into a skip, you can avoid being fined.

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