What Can Be Done About Flood Damage at Home


Homes getting damaged by flooding is something that can affect a lot of people face every year. Sometimes, the damage may be somewhat minimal and repairs can be easily managed, and at other times, the damage can be much more catastrophic and will need a lot of time, effort, and resources to make the building liveable again. In every circumstance, there are things which must be carried out when addressing the issue of flood damage.

Before anything at all takes place, it is of the uppermost importance that the home be avoided until it has been deemed safe by professional safety people. It’s understandable that most good people want to get back into their homes as fast as possible, but waiting until experts have checked everything first and given it the all clear, will help to ensure a bad situation does not turn into a nightmare.

Inspect and Attempt Cleaning

After you are able to safely enter your home, don’t take any chances with any possible wiring issues. Turn off the power supply at the circuit breaker box, even if there is no power supply entering the home. Now that the home is somewhat safe to inspect, make a point of documenting all the damage there is, and take care to be very particular. If at all possible, make a video or take photos to back up your written documentation. This will be mighty handy when the time comes to file insurance claims.

If the main structure of your home is sound, you can begin cleaning up the flood damage and contact domestic flood repair in Harrow, who with expert methods, can professionally assist in getting your home back to normal in a much faster time. Take out any damaged carpet in the home, as it will not be repairable. Try using strong cleaning agents to remove mould and mildew from the floors and walls and make sure to clean up in every nook and cranny of every room. Mould will lurk in the smallest of places and will begin to spread with ease if it is not killed off quickly.

When to Move Back In

Only after you are sure the home is free of permanent flood damage of any kind should you consider moving back into the home. If you’re going to get skilled cleaners in to expertly speed the flood damage repair work up, they will tell you when it is safe to move back in. Then you can start to think about repainting the walls, installing new tiling, and getting those floors back to normal.

Any kind of flood damage can certainly be emotionally as well as physically overwhelming. Make certain that you proceed with sorting out the damage in a logical and orderly fashion. The taking of shortcuts is a no-no, as these can easily put you and your loved ones in peril.

And please remember that things can easily be replaced.

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