The Benefits of Using 316 Steel Wire Rope for Balustrading


When creating a beautiful structure that is also meant to provide a safety barrier between a person standing on a raised platform and the ground below, you cannot use just any material during construction. However, certain materials are better than others, especially if your balustrades are to be placed outdoors or in frequently trafficked areas, such as a museum or large home. To have your property looking its best without emptying your wallet or risking the safety of others, 316 steel wire rope is the material that will meet and surpass all qualifications.


Stainless steel wire rope balustrading is an elegant, modern alternative to traditional materials such as glass or timbre, and will provide a beautiful combination of functionality and style to any property. Cable railing is ideal for bringing a new appeal to an existing deck, balcony, and stair structures, or when creating a new structure. Whether you plan to simply renew the appearance of an older property or build a new one from the ground up, wire railing will offer a modern appeal that cannot be beat by other materials.

Maximise Views

Cheap 316 stainless steel wire rope is easy to gain access to, and is the ideal material if you want to minimise the view obstruction of a balcony or deck. This wire is exceptionally thin without losing its immense strength, allowing you to provide maximum safety and structural integrity without taking away from the beautiful view of a poolside or garden. These ropes will not get in the way and allow you to offer guests something more attractive to enjoy than large pieces of timbre.

Better than Glass

When considering your options for beautiful balustrading, glass is often an alternative that project managers keep in mind. However, steel wire rope has many great advantages over glass, such as not producing a barrier for birds to fly into, which is often a situation with alarming consequences. In exterior balustrading or in places where children frequent the area, glass will require a frequent and thorough cleaning to keep it clear of smears and dirt, and rough weather conditions can threaten the structural integrity of glass, unlike wire.


If you plan to go with the traditional design options for steel wire, a horizontal installation is an appealing and sturdy look that will provide a long-lasting and reliable balustrade. However, you could choose to break the norm and install the wire vertically for an attractive alternative, perfect for those looking to employ a more architecturally unique aesthetic for their building. You could choose to have balustrades that align vertically, enhancing the clean, minimalistic appearance of the cable.


As the name would suggest, steel wire rope is constructed using multiple, thin wires of steel woven together into a rope capable of withstanding immense pressure and structural stress without breaking. This is ideal if you have balustrading on balconies that are particularly high, or if you need to keep a stairwell safe due to children traveling up and down it. No matter where it is installed, this is one wire that will remain as secure and safe ten years later as the day you installed it to your balustrades.

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