The Benefits of a Polished Concrete Floor


Each and every type of floor that you could chose to have fitted to your home or commercial premises comes with its own range of benefits. Laminate flooring is cost effective whereas hardwood flooring is high in quality and is longer lasting. Polished concrete too has several benefits which make it highly desirable.

If you would like to know more about how a new polished concrete floor could improve your home or workplace, keep reading to learn more.

Durability and Longevity

Anyone who has ever worked with or is familiar with concrete knows that it is a very strong and hardwearing material. Strength and the ability to resist wear is exactly what any homeowner or commercial property manager looks for in a floor surface.

Polished concrete goes one step further by taking an already high performance material and makes it even stronger. If that wasn’t enough of an incentive, polished concrete takes on the appearance of marble and granite, providing an attractive finish that many don’t even realise is concrete.

Cost Effective

Flooring is of course available on a budget with many cheap carpets and laminate flooring available for a few dollars per square metre. What many don’t realise is that polished concrete isn’t much more expensive at all, especially when you take into account the quality of finish and concrete’s desirable properties.

Your options are to either lay a new floor or polish an existing one but either option won’t break the bank.

Low Maintenance

When polished, concrete undergoes a sanding process which removes all of the stains present within the surface. Once the right finish has been achieved, the densifying process begins which see the application of a chemical solution which acts as a sealant for the floor, further protecting it from staining.

This means that your floor will only ever require cleaning with a mop rather than any expensive deep cleaning treatments that may be required with traditional carpet.


As we mentioned earlier, once polished, concrete looks completely different from its base material. The level of shine provided is customisable with a matt finish available to all those who would rather forego a reflective surface and the brightest of sheens for all those looking for something that resembles a mirrored surface.

Both options are attractive, and best of all, you can even choose the colour of the concrete as well as the colour of any aggregate embedded within the surface.

Quick Turnaround

Unlike with resin and paint based floors where the resin and coats of paint need time to dry, a polished floor can be used as soon as the polishing and densifying process has been completed. Great for those areas that you can’t lose access to for a prolonged period of time.

Order Your Polished Concrete Floor

Whether you have an existing concrete floor or you would like a new one installed, all you need to do is find a supplier. The availability of Perth polished concrete is widespread for all those living in or around Perth, Western Australia. We suggest that you approach one of several concrete specialists in the area and obtain a quotation.

The benefits of concrete surfaces within the interiors of our homes and offices are too good to ignore so give it some thought when you next renovate.

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