What is an Axminster (Ulster) Carpet

  • A renowned carpet, which is known worldwide as an “Axminster,” is a type of pile carpet named after the town of Axminster, in Southwest England, which still today continues to produce beautiful carpets. These works of art are made distinctive and easily stand out with their bright colourings, and top quality wool.
  • And even though the modern Axminster (also known as an “Ulster”), these days, is machine-woven, it still maintains that special and unique handmade look, which makes them extremely popular with customers looking for top quality carpets, without significant costs.

Quality and Style

  • Many people still associate the name Axminster with high class, due to its remaining a renowned name in carpeting for centuries. And anybody out there who is seeking top quality Ulster carpets in Brighton, should make sure that they ensure using an established and trustworthy company for all of their carpeting requirements.

The History of Axminster Carpets is His Story!

  • The long history of the Axminster carpet starts back in 1755, when Thomas Whitty, began a carpet manufacturing business in the charming town of Axminster. The development of carpet making in England at this time was aided by laws that were created to positively promote locally manufactured textile products, due to overseas textiles beginning to take over the British home market. These early Axminster carpets were exquisitely handmade, and quickly became favoured among the wealthy sector of society.
  • Over time, imitators began starting up their very own carpet manufacturing companies, and for a short while, Axminster carpets weren’t even manufactured in their hometown. However, in the 1930s, a British carpet manufacturer, named Harry Dutfield, chose to bring back the famous Axminster carpet company, and thanks to his huge efforts, he modernised the manufacturing process, and developed carpet looms that could design a range of patterns at a much lower price to similar looking handmade carpets.

Axminster Carpets Equals Quality Assurance

  • The typical Axminster carpet has a stiff backing, made from linen, with a soft pile. These beautiful carpets are often made as throw rugs or stand-alone pieces, and then again in other examples they are used to perform as area carpeting. You can also order a customised Axminster carpet, which will be woven to a specific size and/or design. And even further, these great carpets can be creatively decorated with designs such as family crests or other thematic styles.
  • Many quality carpet supply shops sell Axminster carpets, or are capable of ordering one for anyone with good taste who is interested in having one. An Axminster carpet is certainly an option worth thinking about should you be looking for a good attractive, durable, stain resistant carpet, even though you should know that “Axminster” is not necessarily a protected name, so the quality of an “Axminster carpet” may differ.

Just ensure that you use a top quality, reliable and trustworthy company to guarantee that you will be installing a really great carpet, and not something that you would find in a pound store!

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